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On August 11, 2020, according to the Jiemian News, the South Korean government is currently negotiating with relevant Chinese authorities to increase the number of charter flights between the two countries for overseas students and other South Korean residents, who are studying or working in China.

Per Zhang Xiacheng, South Korean Ambassador to China, the additional chartered flights are for all Korean residents with valid residence permit in China, so it will take some time to prepare and will be implemented in early August at the earliest.

Cause for Charter Flights

Below are the three reasons for why the additional charter flights between China and South Korea are necessary.

Re-Issue of Visas

Per the South Korean government, the Chinese Embassy in South Korea has issued visa to South Korean citizens with valid Chinese residence permits since August 5th;

Autumn Term is About to Begin

Expats From These Countries Can Return! Students To China.

In view of the approaching of the new semester in September, the relevant departments have sent official letters to the Chinese Education Bureau on some main issues, including how insufficient flights may affect the study of Korean students;

Serious Shortage of Flights

Based on the number of flights in August, the average number of flights between South Korea and China is 17 each week, only 2% of the same period last year.

Further Facilitation of Visa
Besides South Korea, at the regular press conference of Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday, spokesman Zhao Lijian also made it clear that China is gradually and orderly releasing the visas for employees returning to work and other people who need to come to China. It should be noted that for those who hold valid visa or residence permit and need to apply for a new visa, Chinese embassies and consulates abroad will apply for them free of charge.
On the same day, according to the Embassy of the PRC in Denmark, foreign nationals from the 36 countries listed below, who hold valid residence permits, including work permit, permit for family reunion and personal matters, may apply for visas for free at any Chinese embassy or consulate in these countries.

list of the 36 Applicable Countries:

Albania, Ireland, Estonia, Austria, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Belgium, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Italy and United Kingdom.

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