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On May 21, 2020, per Chinese mainstream media, the Beijing police would launch a special campaign called “Jingwang 2020” to purify the network environment throughout the city from May to December, aiming to crack down on the black market of illegal VPNs and data trading. The campaign consists of three major aspects as follows.

Crackdown Online Crimes

According to the Beijing police, they will take concrete measures to crack down the emerging online crimes including hacking, frauds, the infringement on citizens’ personal information, illegal internet lending, as well as the crimes of online gun / drug trafficking, pornographic, gambling and pyramid selling.

Additionally, for those who are involved in the illegal acts of promotion marketing, online account trading, payment or settlement will be strictly dealt with.

Strengthen Governance of Illegal and Harmful Information

The police will take strong measures to clean up and rectify IDCs (Internet Data Centers), cloud platforms, apps and other network services with prominent illegal and harmful information in accordance with the law.

Urge Network Operators to Fulfill Cyber Security Obligations

The police will strike against the black market of illegal VPNs and data trading by implementing the ” two investigations per case ” system to the illegal platforms and individuals involved. Strict punishment will be carried out according to law.

Another 8-Month campaign is ongoing

On Friday, the Cyberspace Administration of China also launched an 8-month special action named “Qinglang Xingdong” across the country to combat all kinds of illegal behaviors on the Internet.

Per the head of the Cyberspace Administration of China, the “Qinglang Xingdong” which is a basic and long-term task of comprehensive network governance, will cover all kinds of internet dissemination channels and platforms, and for those websites and platforms that have committed crimes via the net will be strictly dealt with according to law, and typical cases will be publicly exposed.

In the next step, the “Qinglang Xingdong” will establish and improve a long-term governance mechanism and resolutely curb the spread of illegal information.

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