China Approves International Flights Plan

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The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has approved the flight and charter plan for two foreign airlines to China in June. An insider close to the CAAC said on Friday night that the CAAC has approved the plan Friday afternoon, without providing details of the plan.

Analysts believe that the approved two airlines are Delta and United. 

China Approves International Flights Plan

Although China has previously declared that it will continue to strictly enforce “Five One” flight control, it was revealed that allowing American airlines to resume Chinese routes meant that China would be likely to relax its control.

This may be just a start. If the news is confirmed, it means that more international airlines will resume their business to and from China.

Under the pressure of huge economic and international relations, China seems to be handling this carefully.

China Approves International Flights Plan

According to the air control policy announced in March, every foreign airline is required to maintain only one air route to China and operate no more than one flight a week, but in fact the policy is not implemented well, because the policy also requires foreign airlines should submit their flight plans to the administration for approval two months in advance. 

Delta said earlier this week on its website that it hopes to resume daily flights from Seattle and Detroit to Shanghai in June, which was still pending approval from the Chinese government.

China Approves International Flights Plan

United also wanted to make a strong return to China in June and will  re-launch of passenger services with four flights to three mian cities in China – Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai.

More foreign airlines are anxious to see more international routes allowed into China.

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