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Civil Aviation Administration of China on Tuesday, announced extension in the International Air Travel restrictions till October. The news is a shock for majority of foreigners, eagerly waiting to return to China. 

The news does not give any positive signal to the foreigners, as it indicates that return to China will be difficult this year even if the ban is lifted. Besid this, five one policy will continue to work.

What is “Five One”?

China’s government launched its ‘Five One’ policy at the end of March in an effort to control the COVID-19 spread, allowing one airline to serve one country, from one Chinese city to one foreign city, with no more than one flight a week.

There is no any confirmation received by the Civil Aviation Administration of China about the resumption of international flight operations now. This means that no more international routes are allowed now, airlines have to strictly follow the ‘Five One’ policy. 

The announcement came after the CAAC heard the news of Airlines booking tickets in advance before the resumption of flights. Through this, consumers are given false hope of boarding an international flight without getting approval from the authorities.

Airlines are protecting their previous airport slots, and would release their itineraries and allow the bookings of flights to passengers just in case if the policy get lifted. 

Update On Travel Restrictions In China

Civil Aviation Administration of China has stopped this practice by the airlines, and have banned airlines from selling tickets before the resumption of flights and proper confirmation from the authorities.

If we look at domestic flifgts, 10000 routes are flying per day as the average passenger load has increased 60 percent. This increase has witnessed as a result of reopening of schools and the reduction in Beijing’s risk level.

There is no further update about the opening of international flights and increased routes, ShareInfo will update you from time to time. For further update, stay in touch with us.  

Source: Global Times

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