Entry Restrictions Will Be Eased Soon For Foreigners

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China has approached a number of countries including South Korea, South East Asia, Europe and Singapore to discuss the possibility of easing border controls to allow some business travel to resume.

The action is taken under the part of broader efforts to restart economic activity which has been blocked by the corona-virus pandemic.

Entry Restrictions Will Be Eased Soon For Foreigners

As the country has succeed in controlling the spread of virus, its officials have in recent week proposed efforts to facilitate essential travel with foreign counterparts from more than a dozen countries across the Asia-Pacific region.

China is in talks with some countries to establish fast-track procedures to allow travel by business and technical personnel to ensure the smooth operation of global supply chains”. Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang

He further added during a daily briefing on Tuesday that China and South Korea have reached an agreement on such a fast-track arrangement.

Similarly, China also had a joint virtual meeting with Singapore. In the meeting, two nations agreed on better access for needed personnel while keeping thepublic health under consideration.

This is aimed at stabilizing the country’s important trade and business cooperation with relevant countries and guarantee the smooth operation of global industrial and supply chains while controlling the outbreak”. Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang

Entry Restrictions Will Be Eased Soon For Foreigners

China introduced some of the world’s strictest border closures last month in an effort to stop the virus from re-emerging. International passenger’s flights were also suspended for the same course.

This news is the indication that country is struggling to resume economic activities by relaxing borders restrictions. As the economy has already suffered a lot due to the novel outbreak

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