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If you were single and searching before the Quarantine, finding your soulmate just got more complicated. How do you boost your connection when you meet someone you like on dating apps but can’t meet in person.

Here are 5 ideas for dating while under quarantine

Watch A Movie

Isn’t going to the movies something you probably would’ve done anyway if you could still go out? Well, now you can have a cinema experience at home through AMC Theatres On Demand or a Netflix watch party. Most people don’t even cozy up and hold hands on the first date anyway, so it’s not like the lack of physical proximity will make much of a difference.

Learn A New Language

Pick a language and add each other as friends on the Duolingo app. You can compete with one another on how many points you rack up each day or put your new skills to the test by trying to have a conversation using what you’re learning. Maybe you can both come out of this bilingual and take a trip to a country that speaks that language when travel resumes.

Try Face Time / Google Duo Calls

5 Ways To Date Under Quarantine

Some people aren’t big on talking on the phone. They make minimal small talk on an app, then jump straight to asking you to get coffee or dinner. They want to gauge your in-person chemistry before investing a lot of time into a dead-end talking stage with someone. Unfortunately, Corona-dating means that option is out. Video chatting is the next best thing to meeting in person because you can still see someone’s body language and facial expressions while you’re talking, which you miss through texting or voice-only calls.

Work Out Together

Wanting to avoid the dreaded “Quarantine 15” and bond with a potential new boo? Log onto a video chat platform like Zoom or Google Hangout and use the screen share feature to watch exercise videos together. There are tons of free fitness channels on YouTube. The best part about this is you can finally go all out without fear of him smelling you get sweaty!

Go On Virtual Roller Coaster Rides

Thank the brave people who sat in the front seat of a ride with their camera phones so you could experience the thrill from home. If you and your potential man are the adventurous types, buckle up in your living room couch seats together (but also separately in your own homes) and put these theme park videos on the share screen. You can even make the experience more real and fully get into it by screaming during drops.

Watch Line Dance Instructional Videos

If you two end up becoming an item, they’ll likely be your plus-one when everything opens back up, and all those eager couples who had to put their big wedding on hold start picking back up where they left off. Now you both can show up and show off by knowing how to participate in all the common dances like the electric slide and cupid shuffle. Once again, there are tons of video options on YouTube, which teaches the steps to five common line dances. Learning together can be fun, and hey if you two really hit it off maybe you’ll get to put these moves to use one day at your own reception.

Tease Him With A Chair Dance

If you really start to hit it off with someone and want to turn up the heat, sign up for a virtual chair fitness class . Once you get a good routine figured out, invite your lucky guy to a steamy hot video chat session where you can show him your new moves. He’ll be ready to have his hands all over you once you two can get together in person.

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