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Self-care is no longer a want but a need crucial for our well being. But then, what really is self-care. What do we mean when we talk about self-care. It is the provision of what is necessary for identifying and nurturing your feelings, your conscious inner state, and your intellect.

 it’s the process of identifying your needs and ensuring that you attend to them. It is deliberately taking care of your well-being through restorative activities. One of the major misconceptions about self-care is that it means the same as being selfish.

Self-care is a broad world on its own. It’s a tree with many branches producing fruits of possibilities when properly cultivated.

Having an emotional self-care routine is pretty much the easiest way to achieve emotional stability. Self-care is a conscious effort at achieving perfection through our imperfections. There are many threats to the well-being of Americans and the citizens of other parts of the world.

Physical and emotional stress are the two most common

Stress is one of the leading causes of many health issues across the world and unfortunately, we experience it every day. We experience stress by what we put in our bodies, what we put on our bodies, the thoughts we think and the choices that we make through our journey in life.

Physically, some of the most stressful things that we can put in our body are sugar, alcohol, excessive caffeine, and processed foods. Unfortunately, these are most of the things consumed in America.

So, with the level of stress that’s encountered every day physically and emotionally, it is essential that our self-care routine does exactly the opposite.

Things needed to achieve the level of self-care which required physically and emotionally

Moments Of Stillness And Silence

That was us having our moments of stillness and silence. Daily, we’re bombarded by noise such as the television, the radio, traffic, marketplace conversations, disturbing and disrespectful neighborhood noises and the loudest noise of all, the voice in our heads.

Most humans have up to 60,000 thoughts in a day and more often than not, 80% of those thoughts are negative. Having a moment of stillness and silence conjures a sense of awareness within us and it’s only at times of stillness and silence that we can deliberately choose if we want to listen to that voice telling us negative things or we want to get rid of it.


This is basically setting your body in motion. It could be dancing, walking, jumping or yoga. When we exercise or move, our body creates endorphins which first help us sleep naturally reducing our stress level.

Secondly, it sends a positive feeling throughout our bodies similar to morphine. You do not necessarily need a fancy gym or trainer to make this happen, all that is required is dedication 10 minutes daily and you’ll be fine.

Time And Nature

Science has proven that time and nature is capable of improving our moods, stress level and increasing our functionality. The average person spends 93% of their lives indoors. So, pretty much, we can support our wellbeing simply by going outside. It’s normal to get disconnected from our environment, nature has programmed us so.

Essentially, it’s not about having pictures uploaded for Instagram fancy. It is about showing up for yourself. Doing the real self-care thing! Some of the facets of self-care are mental, financial, physical, emotional and many more.

Emotional Self-Care

You have feelings, I have feelings, everyone has feelings. It’s perfectly normal to feel sad, angry, mad, anxious, scared or worried occasionally. It is a part of life. Being conscious of our emotional healthiness is highly important. Our emotions affect our health as well.

So, just the way you’d treat your body when you have a headache, stomach ache or are attacked by a virus, you should treat yourself when you have an emotional breakdown too. Our minds and body are one. A deficiency on the one part would definitely affect the other, therefore they both should be taken care of.

I’ll share a few ways you can start incorporating emotional self-care ideas right into your daily life

Taking A Few Deep Breaths

There are times when we want to express our emotions but then we are too pent-up to talk or let our feelings out. If you’re going through this at the moment, all you need to do at that particular point in time is to take a few breaths, ensure you’re calm and then go ahead to express your feelings.

The essence of expressing your feelings in the clearest of ways is so you won’t be misunderstood. Truth is, emotions kept inside won’t be understood. If you’re angry at someone, it is better to voice out your feelings and let them know you’re pissed.

Emotions are the wheels through which the thoughts of our minds are made known to the outer world. Words may lie, but emotions won’t. So, never hide your emotions because hiding them is unhealthy. Take a few deep breaths, articulate your words and let out your mind.

Protect Your Energy From Others

you are you and you owe yourself the responsibility to always protect yourself. Your energy is a vital part of you and would always be needed when you’re going through a breakdown. Ensure you protect it from others so you don’t fall victim to the plots of people with negative vibes.

Your energy is key to your physical and mental status. You need to take good care of your energy. It is your positive spiritual force that propels you to take actions that are beneficial for your self. It’s an integral part of self-care.

Learn To Say NO

Truth is, saying “no” is as simple as it gets. If there are things you don’t want to entertain, do not be pressured into saying “yes” to something you don’t want. It’s not being selfish. It’s just knowing how to protect yourself from blackmail. Trust me, to survive in today’s world, you need this skill. Trust me, I’ve been in crazy situations where I had to choose between my friendship and my interest.

I was at the edge of losing a tight friend because she made suggestions that didn’t agree with my standards. I stood my ground of not accepting any standard not meant for me. It’s the proper thing to do. If you’re not comfortable with anything, let it be known. Don’t be scared of saying no and setting some firm boundaries.

Stop Over Explaining Yourself To People

You have the right to be who you are without explanations. People will always be there to question you and know why you do what you do. You must always stand your guard and realize that you do not owe anyone any explanations for being who you are or having what you truly want.

Truth is, everybody will not always understand you. I mean, we all have different realities and human connections only thrive on what they will enjoy from communions of friendship.

You are not expected to over-explain yourself to people. When people are bent on not understanding you, please go ahead and get rid of them. You don’t need their validation anyways.

Accept Compliments Without Arguments

If someone walks up to you and tells you that you are beautiful or smell nice, you should accept the compliment without questioning their sense of judgment or dispelling their opinion. You are worthy and a simple “thank you” would do. Truth is, getting all argumentative and cynical is nothing but a sign of low self-esteem.

You do not need to get all negative about innocent compliments. Accept them as though they were your reality. Even if they don’t seem genuine, a “thank you” would do and you’ll be fine.

Express Your Emotions Without Judgment, Guilt Or Embarrassment

feel free to express yourself with no fear of being judged, guilty or embarrassed. It’s a very important way of caring for yourself. Whatever it is that you are feeling inside, ensure you let your emotions out in clear and transparent terms.

Do not fret. You have the right to your emotions. You shouldn’t be embarrassed or guilt-tripped into thinking you can’t express your emotions as freely as you want.

Some other ways to have and maintain an emotionally self-conscious and caring life include:

Resist the urge to spend your free time in a way that pleases others: If you are an introvert, don’t apologize for needing solitude. Grow your soul in a way that feels right to you.

Engage yourself in something creative every day It doesn’t matter how small. All creativity feeds the soul

  Forgive yourself for little mistakes: Treat yourself with the same compassion and kindness that you would a close friend.


Listen to the way you speak to yourself: You’ll be surprised at the messages you may have internalized. Make an effort to engage in positive self-talk.

Take note of one thing you love about your body each day.

When you feel your self-esteem starts to slip, write a love letter to yourself.

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