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I got on a bus today (30th, March 2020), a city public transport that I’ve used several times within Chengde city in Hebei Province, the driver asked me to “get out” or else he will call the police.I asked him why should I get out, he said because I’m a foreigner and they’ve warned them not to take any foreigner.

I just ignored him because I thought he will just let it slide, he told me that he will call the police so I told him to go ahead and call the police because I’ve not committed any crime by entering a public bus, he got out and asked all the Chinese passengers to get out and take another bus because of me.

So all the passengers started running away from as if I’m the carrier of the COVID-19, I felt embarrassed and I called a police station that I did my temporal residence registration and gave the phone to the driver to talk to them and explain why I can’t get on the bus.

The police rather started shouting at me and told me that I should get off the bus if the driver is asking me to because it’s the bus company’s policy that they should not take any foreigner.

Many people gathered around and started starring at me and shooting photos. I’m a little bit confused because I thought all public transports belongs to the city, so is it a law that has been placed asking public transports not to take foreigners or what?

Source: #ExpatRights group member

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