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Tread in these waters very carefully. You heard me right! There is no right or wrong, no method or algorithm, no formula to help you in this universally most difficult yet most awarded job. I may sound lunatic now but two decades later you will definitely understand by my use of word rewarding. Until then, hold tight, you can do this!

Yes but there are some ideas and experiences of various parents to get you through the day. 

What difficulties and challenges you are facing?

I know, I know, in almost everything, right? Maybe. Dig deep! There must be some issues that are shiny red banners on your timeline. You need to do a mental sorting which issues and problems are most aggravating and which ones you need to sort ASAP. Make a priority list. Yes mama! (And dads).

Lists are amazing and the accomplishment of cutting one out of the list is the most gratifying feeling. Once you have jotted down all the problem areas in your diary, which no one can see, get ready to start working.

Key: take a diary, jot down the list, make mental notes, and now hide the diary where no other human can see!

How do we tackle the issue?

Ok, the first thing you need to tell yourself is, you are dealing with a person! Yes, not a child a person who has a mind of his/her own and regardless of how intelligent you are this person, wants to do things their own way. 

My advice would be to bring two issues to this person, one which is relatively high on priority and second almost on the bottom of the priority list. Take their insight on the issues and maybe manipulate them into giving their opinion on what does not matter to you much, and then in return, this little person gets to hear parent and their ideas on how to resolve another issue. In the end, you will definitely come out triumphant (these little people love being treated with respect).   

Key: Listen while negotiating with the other party, you must listen to non-ceasing jibber-jabber regardless of how many other things you are counting in your head instead could be done meanwhile, regardless! Listen! 

Make a plan 

These tiny humans only crave attention. Give them one whole non-gadget hour. Don’t panic, it is completely doable. No call, no message, no tweet, no insta sneaking, no, none, nothing. One whole hour of whatever they wish to do, whether painting the wall, play in dirt, or just lie on the floor and talk to the ceiling. Give them their hour and you will see the peace and calm in them. This will not turn into any attachment issues, despite they will let you go about your day in peace.

Key: if I lose my gadget they lose it too!!

Reward yourself

It’s crucial to reward yourself with every milestone you achieve. And if I was any judge, every day is a milestone. Don’t eat too much dessert though. Cheers! 

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