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It indeed is the darkest of times and we need to remember one thing we are going down in history.
Let that sink in, yes right now we decide many things that shape the future for next generations to come. Our every action, every step, every move, and to be concise every touch should be calculated and measured.

Few things to help you stay sane

Chant it 50 times a day, write it on a wall or your fridge somewhere, whatever you think works for you and you see this many times a day.
“Earth is resting and healing itself, meanwhile we are in quarantine”
“Behave, be the best version of yourself, because your housemates/families, who are in quarantine with you are also tolerating all your mood swings”

Life indeed had been busy and we had absolutely no time for ourselves even. But now that nature has put us to a grieving agonizing halt, and for safety of ourselves and our families we can’t step out of our houses. Here are few things that we could do to not to drive us complete nuts and take us through the day, one day at a time.

Find places that need fixing

We all had those runny taps, leaking pipes and creaking floor boards which we have learned to avert our eyes from. Now is the perfect time to take up these challenges. I know we are no carpenters or plumbers and we know not even a jazz about it, but when you look up on internet you have tutorials to how to crack an egg to how to fix an airplane.

Well one thing is a blessing in this dark time, internet. Find the project which you can deal and dig your idol and itching nails in. set up the place with all tools needed, look up many tutorials until the end, plan all necessary precautions, find all the gear you should put on, talk to a friend maybe who would have firsthand experience and then start.
Disclaimer: try not to fix extremely technical problems such as gas pipes, sewerage, main power boards or water pipes.


With all the work and running around whole day every day, we have stopped connecting to our parents, grandparents and friends. This time around when have all the time in the world, we can connect back to our loved ones, maybe forgave and ask for forgiveness, and work on our relationship with other. Plan around work and other things and plan a video call maybe, seeing other people working and moving about their houses would reduce this feeling of being alone and confined in one place.

Plan an activity together

This may sound absurd but there are so many things one can do online. Play any game online with your friends or families who are away from you. Just yesterday me with my friends played a four hour session of dumb charades via group video call. Believe you not, it felt almost like we were in one living room playing together. You can always plan such sessions with friends over whatever game or activity you agree on.

Many groups you can see online plan a workout session together; being online, together increase your morals and working out together with a companion or multiple people always have show significant impact according to studies. When all of this will be over, because it will be, you will not find time to these things again in the daily grind, so enjoy (maybe) this pause in life.

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