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Dating does fluster many and that distressing and dreadful feeling that you keep getting in your gut to make everything perfect is a complete cliche.Let me clear this for you, when women/men say they had a perfect first date or perfect date, it is because it was perfect as per their ideologies, and ideologies vary from person to person!

Did I give you more bees buzzing in your head?

Ok, then let me fix it for you. Since you are new to this person and you don’t know what they would like maybe. So here are some easy steps to take, to make sure you are not taking it too nonchalantly or going maybe overboard.

Planning on the place

It’s an old misconception to plan date in a very expensive restaurant. Well here is a bummer, hundreds of times, dates has been planned in most perfect places but due to being so intimidated or stressed out, on making sure everything just go perfect, you forget to connect with your date. 

I am not against an expensive restaurant, no, why would I refuse that amazing offer, but then there are more dates in future to plan when you have had the connection with that person and you both can actually enjoy the time together and have feeling for each other . 

Statistics have proved, the most laid back and relaxed dating settings (parks, circus, walks, diners etc) have proven themselves to be the milestone in the relationship and people have actually find chance to concentrate on their dates and what are they talking or feeling at the moment.   

Focus on yourself

This is a very important factor. If you have planned the date, and it’s not a spontaneous one, you must planahead on working on yourself. Find some time before hand, decide what to wear (it’s very important in most cases). Don’t douse yourself in very formal clothing, unless your venue demands formal dressing. You should dress in something comfortable, clean and nice! When I say comfortable, it does not mean your favorite torn jeans with your ruffled tee. Something which gives other person the vibe you have given some careful consideration in selecting the attire and it mattered to you that you look presentable and prepped for your date. Don’t forget to smell nice! 

What to talk 

If you are very anxious and worried about what to talk, since you don’t know the person, its best to plan ahead few questions and write them down (I will not suggest taking this paper out in front of them at all), you can always sneak a look when you excuse to freshen up or maybe when you are waiting for them to show up. These few questions will give you some idea for small talk, and then once the conversation start you wouldn’t need to refer those notes. Planning always gives one sense of assurance and maybe calm those nerves a bit. 


Nothing is set in stone, no method, no formula works on everyone, every person is different, and people usually don’t have high expectations for the first date, so relax, calm those nerves, listen, talk and try to enjoy yourself.

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