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Life for sure has become one crazy hectic roller coaster ride and we find no time for self care. Wait, let me explain self care, it’s not routine eye brow plucking and waxing. Self care in a very broad sense covers the aspects which help you put your hectic life at snooze and give you a quick nap to refresh and energize.

Sleeping sure is important thing to catch on those weekends but you will realize sometime once in a while when you splurge on yourself, go buy that gorgeous dress, get that amazing facial which is talk of the town, or maybe just sit down with your favorite book or maybe get a nice mani-pedi done, work out and wash away those late night unhealthy takeouts, you know your poison better!

You must find what gives you the feeling of self attainment and fulfillment, make you feel it was all for yourself and you feel pampered and energized. This sure will nourish your soul and prepare you for the next week and whatever challenges it may bring.

Planning Ahead

You don’t need to rush the entire plan searching on Friday after work. These last minute plans have 50% chance of going south. You should be able to find some time here and there during the week (I don’t advice during office hours, okay maybe when no one is looking) or maybe follow some blogs or websites which may keep you updated for what is coming as per your choice. And when low and behold, Friday comes you are ready with choices and plans to do things.

Friends or no Friends

Friends do make everything more fun, but don’t let their last minute cancellations bring you down. You should be able to go ahead and continue with your plan which you had for yourself, to recharge and rejuvenate yourself, for more surprises from the boss to tackle in upcoming week.

Always have a backup

Since you are looking forward to doing something and in all this anticipation of me time, you have build up a lot of expectations for it to happen, and universe often throws a curve ball here and there, and your plans you had decided, may be completely be ruined for all secret reasons universe had conspired, you must be able to switch yourself to another plan and feel good about it, I wouldn’t except you to be cheerful as Olaf but yeah some of Olaf should rub onto you so you can go out and enjoy yourself.


I know in real life mostly people don’t practice it until they hit mid 30’s (that’s when sanity mostly gets you completely, well mostly!) and hardly anyone really practices it, but I have seen myself from experience, when you have organized, de-cluttered, plan ahead for the week during weekends, those weekdays I find myself, less flustered, less agonizing mornings and less worrisome meal times after coming from work. But then we always get lazy not organize and learn the value of organizing while suffering the whole week.

Sleep in

Oh yes! If that’s your thing, sleeping and staying in bed does recharge you for the next week, then amen sister!

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