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Hey, Mom. You’ve got a lot going on. Whether you’ve still got a baby in arms, or you’re chasing around a toddler, chances are your beauty routine isn’t what it used to be. But we have a little relief for you—so many of those baby products you’ve got around the house can double as personal care items for you. So next time you’re grabbing something for baby, you can use it for yourself.

Check this list out and get excited about buying baby products. 

1.Baby Wipes These are sort of the holy grail of baby-related products. They’re soft and gentle, but tough enough to clean dirt of hands and makeup off faces without irritating sensitive skin.

2.Baby Oil Another makeup remover, baby oil can get rid of your mascara or help your skin retain moisture when applied after a shower. And it makes for a wonderfully smooth shave! 

3.Baby Shampoo Not just for luscious locks, baby shampoo is actually gentle enough for you to use to clean delicate fabrics like cashmere.

4.No-More Tears A kid’s detangling spray makes for a fabulous leave-in conditioner for adults; a few spritzed will keep your hair soft without weighing it down. 

5.Nipple Cream Get over it. ‘Cause using this stuff will help get rid of chapped lips. Apply before going to bed and wipe off dead, rough skin in the AM to reveal the soft lips of your dreams.

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