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Since the creation of the mobile phone, texting has been a major game-changer in relationships and hookups. You can text with someone in another corner of the globe without having to meet physically. Most people feel more comfortable texting because they get to avoid the stigma that comes with face to face chat.

But sometimes, the text game might be confusing for guys, especially when she gives a lot of mixed signals. During texting, there is little to no emotions passed across, making it difficult to determine how she actually feels about you. 

Signs a girl is into you over texting

Signs Which Shows a Girl is into you over texting

1. She initiates the conversation

She’s not scared to reach out first and looks for every opportunity to start a conversation with you. Her frequently initiating the conversation over text, is a solid sign that she’s into you, whether you’re both friends or not. She can’t stooping thinking about you and wants to be in your presence while you’re away.

2. She replies fast

When she doesn’t waste any time to reply to your texts is another solid sign she’s into you. She’s ready to pause whatever she’s doing just to text you back and keep the conversation flowing. 

So if you’re texting a girl and she wastes no time to reply, then she’s most likely is into you. But before arriving at this conclusion find out from others she texts with if you can, if she equally replies to their text fast as well. If she does, then it’s just in her nature to reply fast

3. She puts lol and haha’s where it’s not required a lot

A good example

boy: what are doing right now?

girl: Am at the bakery store, LOL…

I mean there’s nothing funny about being in a bakery store so why is she laughing out loud. This doesn’t mean she actually laughing, but it’s just a way girls use to render the conversation more relaxed and a little bit flirty.

4. She uses emojis in her text

Emojis are a great way to pass across emotions and facial expressions through a text conversation. If she uses emojis frequently, then she wants you to picture in mind the way she feels about the conversation and you.

5. She keeps on texting when you don’t respond

Signs Which Shows a Girl is into you over texting

This is another solid sign a girl is into you over text. When you don’t respond to her text, she’ll text you multiple times to find out why you are not replying back. This because she’s already anticipating talking to you, and feels worried when you don’t text back 

6. She doesn’t end the conversation

When she texts with you, she doesn’t want to end the conversation, even though it’s late at night, or she has got her hands full. Texting with you gets her excited and triggers the secretion of dopamine hormone, which pushes her to go miles just to prolong the conversation.

7. She uses actual sentences and not dry words

She correctly spells her words, uses a lot of punctuation marks, and forms full sentences, rather than single dry words. She’s trying to give you a good opinion about her, shows you that she is an intellect (smart), and wants to smoother the conversation for better understanding.

A good example

girl: Hey!!!!

girl: What are doing…..

girl: How was your day?

8. She sends you pictures of herself and her environment

If she frequently sends you pictures of her and what she’s doing then she’s transmitting a solid message to you. “Hey look at how cool I look”, “check me out”, “Am amazing“, “what do you think”, “wanna hang out?”…
She’s secretly seeking your approval on what she’s doing and wants to make you feel more attracted to her.

9. She texts frequently

She texts you all the time and wants to know what you’re up to at every minute of the day. This can be a clear solid sign a girl is into you.

10. She gives clear reasons for her departure

If you’re in a conversation with her, and she has to leave, she’ll give you a good reason for ending the conversation, and when next she’ll be available. This might not be a clear sign she’s into you, because some girls do this not to appear rude to you.

11. She uses flirty language

If your texting with her can escalate up to this point, then you shouldn’t doubt she’s into you, especially when she uses desiring flirty language. She’s declaring her interest in you and wants you to take action.

12. She asks a lot of personal questions

When she asks a lot of personal questions about you like: where you from? what’s your best food? what’s your favorite sport, what’re your goals in life, which career would you like to pursue….

If she preys around your personal life then it’s a good and solid sign she’s into you. It means she’s interested in you and she’s already sizing your personality whether you’re a good match for her

13. She invites you over

If she invites you over into her personal spaces, which could be on a date or her house, then she’s into you. She’ll only do this if she feels comfortable and relaxed with you over text and wants to escalate the relationship to the next level.

14. She gives you a lot of compliments

If she compliments you a lot over text, it shows she admires you and pictures you already as boyfriend material. Though this might not be enough to conclude, it can equally be a solid sign she’s into you through text.

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