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A lot of women suffer today because they’re in a relationship with a wrong man. Women love to take a challenge, especially when it involves changing a man. If you’re a woman reading, let me ask you this question, “do you prefer to be in a relationship with a nice guy, bad boy, or a refined bad boy”? 

Those who say a refined bad boy? what does it take to refine a bad boy? The truth is a bad boy would always be a bad boy until he chooses to settle down on his own. What is the probability you’ll be able to change him? is it worth your time and effort?

Deep down you know he’s not the right person for you, and the relationship has no future. But you keep on hoping he’ll change, so you tolerate his behavior, thinking if he realizes you truly love him, he’ll want to settle down. 

10 Red Flags Which Shows That You Are With A Wrong Man

lets look at the 10 red flags that say you’re in a relationship with the wrong person.

The relationship is all about sex

If he calls you because he just needs someone to masturbate in, then it’s a red flag the relationship has no future, because he’s attracted to your body, and not your personality. 
He doesn’t give you a massage, he never does what you want, and he doesn’t put in effort in pleasing you. 
Although sex is part of a relationship, there must exist a balance between sexual desire and spending quality time together.

Does not accept you for who you are

He doesn’t approve the things that you do, that are not of interest to him. always constantly reproaches you on how you live your life and dictates your behavior. If a man can’t accept you for who you are, then the relationship would lead you to nowhere but pain and regret. It’s is better to end the relationship and be yourself.

He cheats on you constantly

One of the most alarming signs in a relationship is when your man cheats on you constantly. Once’s is forgivable, but twice and above is extremely alarming. You need to sit back and reconsider your stay in the relationship.
If a man claims he loves you, then you should be enough for him, and he has to show it not say it because action speaks louder than words.

He does not respect you in public

If a man cannot respect you, and constantly steps on your self-esteem in public, then he’s not the right guy for you. He constantly reminds you how lucky you’re to be with him, or how useless you are to the relationships. A good man would know when his woman is down and help her get back on her feet, rather than preach to her how incapable she is.

You are the only one engaged in the relationship

He doesn’t give you quality time, when things are falling apart you are the only one struggling to fix the relationship, he ghosts you on multiple occasions without having any excuses…
Ladies watch out for such men because they consider the relationship like a little adventure, rather than a lifetime bond.

He abuses you physically

No matter the reason, I don’t wanna know, if a man constantly abuses you physically, then that man doesn’t deserve any woman in his life. He would dictate your entire existence, he would treat like an object he could dispose of and acquire whenever he desires, he would blame you for all his misery and misfortunes, whether or not you’re to be blamed. 

Has no regard for your opinion

He doesn’t care about what you have to say, your suggestions and recommendations. thinks he’s always right and knows everything in the universe. always loves to arguments and loves to prove how ignorant you are before him.
Such men always have the tendency to feel insecure, whenever their woman is more successful than they are. You should reconsider your stay in the relationship, especially when he tries to bring you down to your feet on multiple occasions.

No goals or priorities

It is a fact that women are attracted to successful men with accomplishments, rather than men with no dreams, no goals or priorities in life. With time the relationship gets boring because there’s nothing exciting going on in your man’s life. If he wants to settle for less, but you want more, then it’s totally fine to leave the relationship and be happy, rather than stay with regret. Little by little the regret would escalate and express itself in the form of anger.

 He is extremely possessive

Everyone, whether man or woman wants to feel loved and jealousy in their relationship, but up to a certain extent. When your man acts too jealous especially in public, it becomes embarrassing, and might even harm the relationship you have with your friends and colleagues. In some cases, when your man is extremely possessive he becomes violent.

Luckily your man can be easily rehabilitated when he shows these signs. If the problem persists, then you need to reconsider your stay in the relationship. If you’re afraid to end the relationship because you are afraid of his reaction, then get help and don’t be scared to involve the authorities if necessary.
You are nobodies possession, and shouldn’t be treated as one.

He is not interested in meeting your family

If you’re thinking long term and settling down with a man, and he’s not interested in meeting your family or even friends, then it’s a sign he’s not on the same page with you concerning the future of the relationship. 
I am not saying you should introduce your man to your family after 1 week of dating him. Slow down, and let things move naturally at its own pace.

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