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Before heading out

1. Check your body temperature;

2. Assess your health condition;

3. Prepare your masks, disinfecting wipes, etc. for the day, for Protective Measures.

On the way to work

1. Walk, ride a bike, or drive your own car to work if possible;

2. Wear a mask all the time when using public transport, and avoid touching vehicle items with your hands;

3. Wear a mask when taking a taxi and check that the driver does the same. Proper ventilation is needed.

In the elevator

1. Always wear a mask and use a tissue or something when pressing the button;

2. Do not rub your eyes or touch your face with your hands;

3. Avoid talking in the elevator and wash your hands immediately after getting out of the elevator;

4. Staff working on the lower floors are advised to take the stairs and not to touch the handrails.

In the office

1. Wear a mask;

2. Open the window three times a day, 20-30 minutes each time. Keep warm while ensuring ventilation;

3. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing;

4. Try not to use central air-conditioning.

At work

1. Reduce face-to-face communication and try to communicate online;

2. Keep one-meter distance at least with colleagues;

3.Wash your hands frequently, particularly before and after passing around paper documents;

4. Drink plenty of water. One should drink no less than 1500 ml of water every day;

5. Reduce the frequency of meetings and control the length of meetings.

At meals

1. It’s better to bring food made at home;

2. If you go to the cafeteria or restaurant, avoid eating at the rush hours with high concentration of people;

3. Don’t take off your mask until you begin to eat for Protective Measures.

4. Avoid eating with someone sitting across the table and try not to speak while eating.

Getting off work

1. Don’t go to meal parties or gatherings!

2. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and go home directly.

Arriving at home

1. Wash your hands first and open the window for ventilation;

2. Put you coat, shoes, bags, etc. in a fixed corner of the room, and clean them in time;

3. Pay special attention to disinfecting your mobile phones, keys, etc.

4. Drink plenty of water, exercise and rest properly.

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