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In recent years, more and more educated Chinese women choose foreigners as husbands. In 2015, more than a million Chinese women married foreigners, half of them at least own college degree. 1982, China had only 14,193 international marriages, most were Chinese women marrying white men.

Yang Ling, a matchmaking agent in Jiangsu Province, said: “In the late 1980s, many women were poor and uneducated, therefore transnational marriage was a way to change their destiny.

But now many women who got hitched with foreigners mainly grew up in well-to-do families.”

More and more Chinese women seek foreign husbands

Li Mandi, a match making agent manager from Singapore also said that some people still mistakenly think most Chinese women who want to marry foreigners are poor people.

but in fact, “It is quite different today”. Her company is one of matchmaking agencies to put together Chinese and Singaporean. Currently they have over 600 female members from China, all of them are between 25 to 45 years old. “Most of my Chinese female customers have high education and do white-collar jobs, such as teacher, assistant manager, and even biomedical researcher.”

According to a survey on 3,200 women conducted by a Chinese website, 4/5 of Chinese women express that if they fall in love with foreigners they are willing to marry him. Wu Yuxing, a 25-year-old Chinese with master’s degree, said: “If both have chemistry, I do not care if he is a foreigner.”

Only 7% of respondents say that when they fall in love with a foreigner their first consideration is money. Others express more concerns for each other’s personality, lifestyle and career. Some well-educated Chinese women also believe that the men from developed countries are usually more educated than Chinese men.

24-year-old Huang Minjie is from a well off family in southern China, she had studied abroad. She criticized some bad habits of Chinese men such as “many Chinese men like smoking in public places, speak loudly and often jump the queue. Even some highly educated men also have these bad habits. I like the Europeans better, they are very polite and very gracious. ”

In addition, their affection for foreign cultures (especially Western culture) also promotes some Chinese women to marry foreigners. However, many Chinese netizens show criticism on this, considering it to be a disgrace to the country, and it is a blind worship of Western culture.

Long Yongkui, an editor with the Shenzhen Times Weekly, gave eight reasons local women sought a mixed marriages.

1. Good men in Shenzhen are already married. The women’s increasing age comes in to a problem limiting their choices.

2. Shenzhen men are prone to be easily tempted.

3. Local women are not attractive enough to find a local man to marry.

4. Wanting to find men who would respect and live peacefully with them.

5. They assume that life abroad is better and there is less pressure to find a job.

6. Wanting to study and start a business abroad.

7. Children will have a better future abroad.

8. Just loving to marry foreigners.

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