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Green and red chili fish from Sifangsanchuan.

1. Sifangsanchuan

To celebrate the coming Chinese Spring Festival on Jan 24, Sifangsanchuan restaurant launched three festive set menus for groups of four, six and eight to gather and enjoy the holiday. The green and red chili fish and spicy chicken with red pepper and cashew nut are the highlights, as the mild flavor of the fish and the spiciness of the chicken add a hot flavor to the feast.

Eat Beat For Spring Festival Dinner
Lobster at Tian Tai Xuan.

2. Tian Tai Xuan

Tian Tai Xuan restaurant in Tianjin has created three special Chinese New Year menus to celebrate the special occasion know as Spring festival. Singaporean chef Goh Wooi Cheat’s signature dish Buddha Jumps over the Wall soup is the must-try, which includes Australian abalone, dried scallop, sea cucumber, fish maw, matsutake and quail egg.

A dish from Park Gyatt Beijing.

3. Park Hyatt Beijing

Two special set menus for Chinese New Year at Park Hyatt Beijing are only available on Jan 24. Each dish has an auspicious meaning, such as good fortune and good luck. The two-color dumplings are a must on the menu and are made with sea cucumber, scallop, shrimp and pork filling. Spicy flavored lobster is another highlight.

Eat Beat For Spring Festival Dinner
Poon chai from Yu.

4. Yu

From Jan 24 to Feb 8, Yu restaurant will launch a special menu with special ingredients for family reunion. From matsutake soup to black truffle mushroom with beef, and from pan-fried shrimp with special sauce to steamed fish with caviar, each dish uses the most seasonal ingredients. Poon Chai, Guangdong’s famous casserole, is another specialty for Chinese New Year.

Eat Beat For Spring Festival Dinner
Braised fish from Beijing Hotel Nuo.

5. Beijing Hotel Nuo

Beijing Hotel Nuo will serve a Beijing cuisine Chinese New Year Dinner on Jan 24. The dinner starts with eight cold dishes, including four meat dishes and four vegetable dishes. Peking duck is the star, which is roasted in the traditional way and served with handmade pancakes. Wok fried lobster with spring onion and rice cake are also must-try dishes.

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