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Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort. – Deborah Day

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you must have noticed that I write a lot about self-care. This is because I know it’s importance to the overall personal development of my readers. Self-care is knowing who you are and appreciating it regardless of what people think.

Self-care is all about taking care of your mind and body; ensuring that you are healthy physically and emotionally. With all the activities clouding our daily existence, we are most likely to get distracted and ignore the red flags threatening our lives. I once looked at my life in retrospect and saw how much I was careless with myself.

It was a pitiable sight but more pitiable is the fact that today, I still see many lives mirroring what my life used to be and so, I saw the need to come up with a self-care checklist that will be beneficial to my readers. Now, this post will not tell you what should be added to your self-care routine. I have dealt with that several times.

However, I will try to give a broad view of the concept of self-care, and also give a few tips on what to consider when creating a daily self-care checklist. It’s going to be a beautiful ride and I hope you are eager to enjoy the ride.

As a human living in the twenty-first century, it is important to have a suitable routine for comfort, to aid productivity in your myriad of activities.

I was caught up in the many activities I had at home and the workplace and unfortunately I did not have the right tools and things to deal with the long term stress staring at me in the face. I had to deal with the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical mess and in all honesty, it was not easy.

However, I noticed a change after I learned about the secret of creating amazing daily self-care checklists and I will share these tips with you.

First, let’s talk about why self-care is important…

Why Is Self-Care Important?

The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist For You

In case you’re wondering what self-care is, it is a way to understand and meet what your needs are. It’s an agency of empowering you to prioritize yourself and see the reasons why you are the best.

Self-care is essential to your growth and prosperity as an individual. Naturally, life throw jibes at you by presenting difficulties that drain you in many ramifications but the difficulties would only be properly managed if there is a self-care platform that is followed.

If not checked, lack of self-care could lead to low self-worth, involvement in toxic relationships (especially for a long time), low self-esteem, poor health, insomnia, and so many negative energy.

Self care-care allows us transit from our daily struggles to a place of peace with utmost ease. It is an essentially for maintaining peace of mind, balance, and harmony.

The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist For You

The good thing about self-care is, one doesn’t necessarily have to carry out strenuous tasks before caring for oneself, just a have good daily self-care checklist and you will be fine.

I had to learn. Now, because of the activities, I was caught up in, I noticed that I barely had hours to myself during the day.

At the very moment when I decide to take care of myself, one activity would pop up and in no time, I was back to the hustle and bustle of life again.

One day, I took a step back and thought about my whole existence and decided I needed a change, I needed to induce some activities into my life that could bring a positive change. I needed to adopt a daily self-care routine/checklist that will serve as a check to my sanity and propel serenity into the very essence of my existence.

I was experiencing a mental, emotional and physical drought and I knew something had to be done. With a new personal development and self-improvement plan tailored out, I decided to always wake up early, develop a positive mindset to every transition and change that bridged my way, I chose to set up healthy boundaries, love myself, develop productive self-care routine and set intentional goals. But that’s a tale for another day.

Some self-care routines might be fun and some might not but whichever yours is, just know that they are necessary to grow the level of happiness and wellness you are experiencing.

As a preparation for the crux of this write, we’d be looking at the benefits of self-care, next…

1.  Self-Care Heightens One’s Sense Of Self-Worth And Self-Esteem

Do you usually prioritize other things before yourself? Do you have a habit of placing yourself last? This can be changed by taking on a self-care routine.

Others can only be reminded of your worth and value when you value yourself. You deserve love too and if you aren’t into the habit of caring for yourself now, change your current habit and adopt a better one.

2.  Self-Care Gives You An Energy Boost

More often than not, we get stuck in the unhealthy routine of only giving and caring for others while ignoring our own needs. This drains us and dampens our energetic spirit.

However, with a good self-care routine, one can get back to his or her feet and retrieve the creative spring needed for growth. When you inculcate a self-care routine that disallows you being drained, it allows you to be more connected with your current activities.

3.  Self-Care Aids Your Ability To Manage Stress

Truth is, going through stress is inevitable and one can only manage it. Inasmuch as you go out and interact with people, you will most definitely encounter stress.

However, with a good self-care routine, you can manage the stress and go through the phase like a boss! Having a self-care routine that disallows stress or at least manages it, helps you build a resilient spirit and leaves you with better ways to cope with so many activities without being consumed by stress.

If you are going through a stressful time at work or anywhere else and you are reading this, I would advise that you look into getting a self-care routine that will stop that.

4.  Self-Care Gives Your Immunity A Boost

Because of the frequency of strenuous tasks you might be faced with, it is only essential that you have a good self-care routine that would aid you in achieving your goals and objectives.

5.  Self-Care Improves The Quality Of Your Life

Have you ever wanted to do something really bad but you do not even have the time? That’s a very familiar experience for many people and you are not alone. Worse still, you are not sure of what you want in life; This is a relatable experience and you can combat if you have a good routine for your self-care.

Creating The Self-Care Guide For You

Self-care is something one must plan for. It is something you must take your time to schedule. This is even truer considering that you will be meeting with different people at different times. These people have different backgrounds and experiences that shapen their lives. You must have this at the back of your mind when creating a daily self-care checklist.

I have compiled four core areas where you might be needing self-care for your growth and personal development. These areas will help you achieve the goal of being balanced. They are:

  • Physical well-being
  • Intellectual well-being
  • Emotional well-being
  • Spiritual well-being

1.  Physical Well-Being

This is the well-being that deals with your physical body. It is the most relatable type of area of self-care but honestly, it goes beyond the normal routines.

This kind of well-being involves respecting your body and giving yourself that push needed to grow. In every area your body needs care, ensure that you take care of it all. Get enough sleep, eat properly and get a good diet, exercise adequately, listen to your body and obey it.

I know you may want to set goals and push yourself to achieve them, which will cause distress on your body, but know when to cut the line and not overstrain yourself. I have had my share of mental and physical break down and it wasn’t a blissful experience.

Taking care of your physical well-being helps to increase your energy and boost your drive to carry on with anything you want to do. Also, surprisingly, taking care of your physical well-being has a way of impacting your mental well-being too.

Tips to help your physical well-being

  • A good sleep pattern.
  • Have good naps often.
  • Have a good diet habit.
  • Do anything that lightens your mood and makes you happy: swimming, reading, exercising, dressing good, cooking, whatever at all! Just do that thing that makes you feel good… Well, anything legitimate.

2.  Intellectual Well-Being

This has a lot to do with your mental and creative side. If you are not mentally balanced, you will have issues with being productive. Writing this article will not be a possibility if I was mentally unstable.

If many more people realize that their productivity level is hinged on the stability of their mental well-being, maybe they’ll take it more seriously.

Are you having issues with progressing on your new idea? Are you stuck in one mental spot? Trust me, I have seen it all and I can assure you that what you are going through is because of your mental instability.

Being open to ideas and feeding your brain with healthy and refreshing content, aids increase in productivity level.

Tips to help your intellectual well-being

  • Boost your creativity by getting a new hobby.
  • Learn a new language: this works! When you learn a new language, it helps tax your brain and open your mind. Good thing is, you do not necessarily have to enroll for a high-fee class to do this. With the myriad of online applications, you can work out something.
  • Take a class on something you fancy.
  • Task your brain by playing intellectually-demanding games like chess and scrabble.
  • Read a book.

3.  Emotional Well-Being

You’d agree with me that being emotionally drained is one of the most tiring things that could happen to anyone. When you are emotionally drained, almost everything never makes sense.

When you have a poor emotional well-being routine, you do things irrationally and it would only take a few minutes of observation to realize that something isn’t ok with you.

Being emotionally drained can manifest in many ways: lacking focus and concentration, crying, lack of required motivation and drive. It could manifest in unman aged emotions like fear, shame, and jealousy.

Having a mastery of the art of emotional management is key to surviving the stress that life might present to you at any point in time

Tips to help your emotional well-being

  • Draw boundaries (check out my blog post on how to set boundaries here).
  • Try keeping a journal: Keeping a journal is an ideal way of ridding yourself of the emotional turbulence you might be having. Try to adopt the habit of keeping a journal and being faithful to it. Currently, I am working on a new series of journal entries channeled towards intentional living.
  • Bleed out your worries by talking to a therapist or a trusted friend: When you give yourself the chance of getting the worries off your mind, you will realize that there a certain kind of bliss that comes with speaking up. I had my share of this beautiful bliss when I was going through emotionally traumatizing times that affected my productivity and creativity. It seemed like my world was crashing down.
  • This continued until I spoke out and alerted a friend. She advised me and made me feel good again. It is important to have someone to always be there to advise you, however, what’s more, important is your ability to share your feelings and speak up.
  • Practice meditation or mindfulness.
  • Listen to cool and soothing music.
  • Ask for help if you need any: this is very important. No matter what you are going through, always speak up and ask for help. Doing this has changed so many lives for good.

4.  Spiritual Well-Being

The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist For You

This is not about religion. It is about knowing what will connect you to the inner you, having an understanding of what matters and prioritizing what brings harmony into your life.

Tips to help your spiritual well-being;

  • Know your values and work in line with them. Walking in line with your values would not only help you with your spiritual well-being, but it will also teach other persons to respect your values.
  • Connect with mother nature: mother nature has blessed us with beautiful gifts. Her gifts are everywhere and we see them around. She’s blessed us with beautiful streams and gardens. Enjoy the beauty of her gifts and value the prestige of her components. By doing all these, you are connecting yourself with mother nature and deepening the well-being of your spiritual life.
  • Journaling: Once again, journaling is a key way of connecting yourself to spiritual well-being. Write down important and valuable experiences.
  • Take a technology break: It’s a known fact that technology has taken a major part in the lives of the people that exist in today’s world with our phones and other gadgets taking large spaces of our lives. You can decide to take a break from your social media and other techy things and focus on connecting more to nature.

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