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Life is a sum of seasons, time and sessions with doubt, pain, joy, resilience, tears, sweat, and hope. There are times when you want to fold up, exclude yourself, dive and fade away.

When fear calls out to your name, when validation rings in every place of your bones and you can’t help but question the testament of your existence, times when standing is so hard but you just have to summon the courage to uplift yourself and breathe.

Times when we get tethered to comparison, folding uniqueness into wardrobes of dilution, seasons when it appears all blurry and our fears lead the way

Sessions when we fail to let courage take a tour around our soul or honor the beam of light present in our bones, times when we refuse to cross through bridges of vulnerability for the fear that our trust will crumble all over again.

Seasons when we honor uncertainty, create walls from the base of darkness as protective on our emotions. Sessions when we wear strength, doggedly silencing vulnerability and forgetting that happiness is masked in every twist and turn.

Phases that we raise bars to hide our light, that we let anxiety stain our soul and pour doubt into our bones.  We forget that that light has been deepened into our soul and that we are a manifestation of light wrapped in flesh, a catalog of hope and a prayer of resilience.

Intervals, when we detach fear, when we engrave our identity boldly in our bones and the flames are increased, we boldly uncover layers of realism hidden to please people.

Remember that in every phase, we gather collectibles of growth as we navigate through disaster and chaos scattered on our paths, when heaviness mingle with our breath, when we travel without a destination, losing ourselves in a bit of exploring down the cliffs of uncertainty.

We unfold chapters while trying to live on the margin of survival, paragraphing experience, sometimes shrink from becoming- learning and unlearning, discovering and rediscovering.

Know that joy is a puzzle waiting to be fixed by your hand as you scamper around seeking and finding ways around the bridge of discovery.

You got magic running down your veins even when darkness tries to cast its shadows and the flames appear to be burning out, remember you are a covenant of uniqueness with the universe.

When strength is giving out, anxiety crawls into your chest with sirens of fear, remember, the interiors of your flesh has been soaked with divine magic. So do not let doubt raid a parade on your worth.

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